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Power electronics Projects

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1.A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy with Feed-Forward Control for Grid-Tied Micro Grid Systems

2.Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation of Droop Current-Sharing Method

3.High Voltage-Boosting Converters Based on Bootstrap Capacitors and Boost Inductors

4.Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter With Two Buck/Boost MPPTs for DC-Distribution Applications

5.A 1.65 W Fully Integrated 90 nm Bulk CMOS Capacitive DC-DC Converter With Intrinsic Charge Recycling.

6.A Comparison of Soft-Switched DC-to-DC Converters for Electrolyzer Application.

7.A High-Efficiency Solar Array Simulator Implemented by an LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter.

8.An Advanced Power Electronics Interface for Electric Vehicles Applications.

9.Control Strategy for Power Flow Management in a PV System Supplying DC Loads.

10.High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications.

11.High-Efficiency Single-Input Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter.

12.Microfabricated V-Groove Power Inductors Using Multilayer Co–Zr–O Thin Films for Very High-Frequency DC-DC Converters.

13.Nonlinear Current Control for Power Electronic Converters: IC Design Aspects and Implementation.

14.Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter With a Full ZVS Range and Reduced Output Filter for High-Voltage Applications.

15.PWM Plus Phase Angle Shift (PPAS) Control Scheme for Combined Multiport DC/DC Converters.

16.Module-Level DC/DC Conversion for Photovoltaic Systems: The Delta-Conversion Concept.

17.Integrated Full-Bridge-Forward DC-DC Converter for a Residential Microgrid Application.

18.High-Efficiency Digital-Controlled Interleaved Power Converter for High-Power PEM Fuel-Cell Applications.

19.Design and Performance of a Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converter for a Battery Energy Storage System.

20.An Integrated Boost Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications.

21.A High-Efficiency Wide-Input-Voltage Range Switched Capacitor Point-of-Load DC-DC Converter.

22.A High Step-Up Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power Systems.

23.A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications.

24.Coordinated Control and Energy Management of Distributed Generation Inverters in a Microgrid.

25.Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter with Continuous Input Current and Boost Inversion Capability

26.Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics in a Grid-Connected Single-Phase PV Inverter

27.Operation and Control Design of New Three-phase Inverters with Reduced Number of Switches

28.Modelling and simulation of synchro and synchro-to-digital converter for electrical motor drives

IEEE 2016 Telecommunication Projects

1. RFID Based System For School Children Transportation Safety Enhancement

2. Secure And Privacy-Preserving Smartphone-Based Traffic Information Systems

3. Secure End-To-End Sms Communication Over Gsm Networks

4. Secured Electronic Voting Machine Using Biometric

5. Sensor Based Identification System For Train Collision Avoidance

6. The Analysis Of An Electro Cardio Signal In A System Of Data

7. Traffic Flow Prediction With Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach

8. Traffic Signal Phase And Timing Estimation From Low-Frequency Transit Bus Data.

9. Travolution - An Embedded System In Passenger Car For Road Safety

10. Twins Device-Free Object Tracking Using Passive Tags

11.Delay-Constrained Caching in Cognitive Radio Networks

12.Opportunistic Wireless Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Radio Networks

IEEE 2016 Telecom Projects

1. Vehicle To Vehicle Safety Device - An Ease For Safe

2. Web Based Automatic Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Network And Embedded Linux Board

3. Web-Based Online Embedded Door Access Control And Home Security System Based On Face Recognition

4. Wi-Fi Based Communication And Localization Of An Autonomous Mobile Robot For Refinery Inspection

5. Wireless Arm-Based Automatic Meter Reading & Control System (Wamrcs).

6. Wsn Based Smart Sensors And Actuator For Power Management In Intelligent Buildings.

7. Zigbee (2.4g) Wireless Sensor Network Application On Indoor Intrusion Detection

8. Zigbee Based Communication System For Data Transfer Within Future Micro Grids

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