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EEE Projects

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EEE 2017-2018 Projects - TITLES & SYNOPSIS

1. A buck-boost integrated full bridge inverter for solar photovoltaic based standalone system

2. A novel method to extract maximum power from solar panel of a grid connected phototvoltaic system using phase angle control and hysteresis current control

3. A novel optimum point tracker of the solar cell power sypply system

4. Android based device control – home or office automation

5. Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation

6. Asymmetrical two-phase induction motor speed controlled by multilevel inverter employing cascaded transformers

7. Auto digital-speed indicator with speed control

8. Automatic dc motor speed control with automatic feedback via sms using pwm technology

9. Battery management system using arduino

10. Data acquisition and monitoring of solar panels using 2–channel data logger and .net application

11. Dc motor speed controlling using bluetooth

12. Design and implementation of an advanced security system - invisible eye(power saving system)

13. Design and implementation of real time transformer health monitoring system using gsm technology

14. Development of efficient power generation using automated renwable sources and automating street lights according to traffic density

15. Electric field and ultrasonic sensor based security system

16. Electrical substation scrutinizeing and controlling device from remote area

17. Enerbee - example of an advanced metering infrastructure based on zigbee

18. Energy scrutining system with auto load

19. Foot step based power generation and multi purpose optimization

20. Gsm and pir sensor based light controller and networked safety system

21. High-efficiency dc-dc converter for large input-voltage fluctuations in solar applications

22. Implementation of a web of things based smart grid to remotely monitor and control renewable energy sources

23. Micro controller based intelligent multi timer system for industrial automation

24. Mobile controlled dc motor speed controller

25. Online speed control of dc motor with high speed network 26. Power factor metering system using arduino

27. Pre paid power energy meter

28. Real time load shedding for power lines

29. Realization of prepaid bill management system for electricity board

30. Real-time detection system of electrical disturbances for remote communication stations and smart grid

31. Smart card based prepaid electricity billing

32. Solar tracking system with automatic panel cleaning mechanism for efficient power generation

33. Talking energy meter

34. Transformer inustrial parameters management control system and intimation to electricity board

35. Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board

36. Universal electrical power generation and multipurpose optimization–solar,wind and rain

37. Using arduino development platform in the diagnosis of ac electrical machines

38. Voice operated induction motor speed control through RF communication

39. Wireless power transmission

40. Wireless residential power monitoring system

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