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Power Electronics Projects Projectsatbangalore, offers EEE Projects to students in various areas of POWER ELECTRONICS,CONVERTER,INVERTER,GRID,POWER SYSTEMS,STATCOM,WIND ENERGY

IEEE 2017 Power Electronics Projects

1.A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy with Feed-Forward Control for Grid-Tied Micro Grid Systems

2.Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation of Droop Current-Sharing Method

3.High Voltage-Boosting Converters Based on Bootstrap Capacitors and Boost Inductors

4.Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter With Two Buck/Boost MPPTs for DC-Distribution Applications

5.A 1.65 W Fully Integrated 90 nm Bulk CMOS Capacitive DC-DC Converter With Intrinsic Charge Recycling.

6.A Comparison of Soft-Switched DC-to-DC Converters for Electrolyzer Application.

7.A High-Efficiency Solar Array Simulator Implemented by an LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter.

8.An Advanced Power Electronics Interface for Electric Vehicles Applications.

9.Control Strategy for Power Flow Management in a PV System Supplying DC Loads.

10.High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications.

11.High-Efficiency Single-Input Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter.

12.Microfabricated V-Groove Power Inductors Using Multilayer Co–Zr–O Thin Films for Very High-Frequency DC-DC Converters.

13.Nonlinear Current Control for Power Electronic Converters: IC Design Aspects and Implementation.

14.Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter With a Full ZVS Range and Reduced Output Filter for High-Voltage Applications.

15.PWM Plus Phase Angle Shift (PPAS) Control Scheme for Combined Multiport DC/DC Converters.

16.Module-Level DC/DC Conversion for Photovoltaic Systems: The Delta-Conversion Concept.

17.Integrated Full-Bridge-Forward DC-DC Converter for a Residential Microgrid Application.

18.High-Efficiency Digital-Controlled Interleaved Power Converter for High-Power PEM Fuel-Cell Applications.

19.Design and Performance of a Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converter for a Battery Energy Storage System.

20.An Integrated Boost Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications.

21.A High-Efficiency Wide-Input-Voltage Range Switched Capacitor Point-of-Load DC-DC Converter.

22.A High Step-Up Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power Systems.

23.A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications.

24.Coordinated Control and Energy Management of Distributed Generation Inverters in a Microgrid.

25.Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter with Continuous Input Current and Boost Inversion Capability

26.Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics in a Grid-Connected Single-Phase PV Inverter

IEEE 2015 Power Electronics Projects

1. 6.6-kW Onboard Charger Design Using DCM PFC Converter With Harmonic Modulation Technique and Two-Stage DC/DC Converter

2. A Boost-Inverter Based Battery-Supported Fuel-Cell Sourced Three-Phase Stand-Alone Power Supply

3. A Carrier-Based Neutral Voltage Modulation Strategy for Multilevel Cascaded Inverters under balanced DC Sources

4. A Cascaded Boost-Buck Converter for High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Systems

5. A Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on Switched-Capacitor for High- Frequency AC Power Distribution System

6. A Charge-Nonlinear-Carrier-Controlled Reduced-Part Single-Stage Integrated Power Electronics Interface For Automotive Applications

7. A Combined Approach of Using an SDBR and a STATCOM to Enhance the Stability of a Wind Farm

8. A Control Scheme for Storageless DVR Based on Characterization of Voltage Sags

9. A Distributed Approach to Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Sub-Module Differential Power Processing

10. A Family of Exponential Step-Down Switched-Capacitor Converters and their Applications in Two-Stage Converters

11. A Four-Level Inversion Scheme for a 6n-Pole Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drive for an Improved DC-Link Utilization

12. A Grid-Level High-Power BTB (Back-To-Back) System Using Modular Multilevel Cascade Converters Without Common DC-Link Capacitor

13. A Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Adopting Boost PWM Control Scheme for Hold-Up State Operation

14. A High-Frequency Link Multilevel Cascaded Medium-Voltage Converter for Direct Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems

15. A High-Frequency Link Single-Stage PWM Inverter With Common-Mode Voltage Suppression and Source-Based Commutation of Leakage Energy

16. A Low Complexity Control System for a Hybrid DC Power So

urce Based on Ultra Capacitor–Lead–Acid Battery Configuration 17. A Multifunctional DSTATCOM Operating Under Stiff Source

18. A Multilevel Energy Buffer and Voltage Modulator for Grid-Interfaced Micro-Inverters

19. A New General Topology for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters With Reduced Number of Components Based on Developed H-Bridge

20. A Nine-Level Grid-Connected Converter Topology for Single-Phase Transformerless PV Systems

21. A Novel Control Method for Transformerless H-Bridge Cascaded STATCOM With Star Configuration

22. A Novel Multilevel Inverter Based on Switched DC Sources

23. A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy With Feed forward Control for Grid-Tied Microgrid Systems

24. A Novel Single-Switch Resonant Power Converter for Renewable Energy Generation Applications

25. A Novel Soft-Switching Multiport Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage System

26. A Novel Speed Measurement Method for a High-Speed BLDC Motor Based on the Signals From the Rotor Position Sensor

27. A Resonant LED Driver with Capacitive Power Transfer

28. A Shunt Active Power Filter for a Medium-Voltage 12-Pulse Current Source Converter Using Open Loop Control Compensation

29. A Simplified Control Technique for a Dual Unified Power Quality Conditioner

30. A Six-Phase Current Reconstruction Scheme for Dual Traction Inverters in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with a Single DC-Link Current Sensor

31. A Speed-Sensorless Start-Up Method of an Induction Motor Driven by a Modular Multilevel Cascade Inverter (MMCI-DSCC)

32. A Three-Phase Inverter for a Standalone Distributed Generation System: Adaptive Voltage Control Design and Stability Analysis

33. A Transformerless Active Voltage Quality Regulator With the Parasitic Boost Circuit

34. A Two-Mode Control Scheme With Input Voltage Feed-Forward for the Two-Switch Buck-Boost DC–DC Converter

35. A Unified Control Strategy for Three-Phase Inverter in Distributed Generation

36. Active DC Voltage Balancing PWM Technique for High-Power Cascaded Multilevel Converters

37. Adaptive Control for Energy Storage Systems in Households With Photovoltaic Modules

38. Adaptive PI Control of STATCOM for Voltage Regulation

39. Advanced Control Scheme for an IPM Synchronous Generator-Based Gearless Variable Speed Wind Turbine

40. An Accurate Frequency Tracking Method Based on Short Current Detection for Inductive Power Transfer System

41. An Active Damper for Stabilizing Power-Electronics-Based AC Systems

42. An Active Harmonic Filter Based on One-Cycle Control

43. An Adaptive Nonlinear Current Observer for Boost PFC AC/DC Converters

44. An Add-On Self-Tuning Control System for a UPFC Application

45. An Adjustable-Speed PFC Bridgeless Buck–Boost Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive

46. An Advanced STATCOM Model for Optimal Power Flows Using Newton’s Method

47. An Effective Control Method for Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System

48. An Efficient UPF Rectifier for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System

49. An Electrolytic-Free Offline LED Driver with a Ceramic-Capacitor-Based Compact SSC Energy

50. An Enhanced Grid Current Compensator for Grid-Connected Distributed Generation Under Nonlinear Loads and Grid Voltage Distortions

51. An Improved DC-Link Voltage Fast Control Scheme for a PWM Rectifier- Inverter System

52. An Improved Hybrid DSTATCOM Topology to Compensate Reactive and Nonlinear Loads

53. An Improved Layout Strategy for Common-Mode EMI Suppression Applicable to High-Frequency Planar Transformers in High-Power DC/DC Converters Used for Electric Vehicles

54. An Improved ZVT–ZCT PWM DC–DC Boost Converter With Increased Efficiency

55. An Isolated Multiport DC–DC Converter for Simultaneous Power Management of Multiple Different Renewable Energy Sources

56. An Ultracapacitor Integrated Power Conditioner for Intermittency Smoothing and Improving Power Quality of Distribution Grid

57. Analysis and Comparison Based on Component Stress Factor of Dual Active Bridge and Isolated Full Bridge Boost Converters for Bidirectional Fuel Cells Systems

58. Analysis and Comparison of Si and SiC Power Devices on a Grid-Tie Fuel Cell Energy Storage System

59. Analysis and Suppression of Leakage Current in Cascaded-Multilevel- Inverter-Based PV Systems

60. Analysis of Dual-Carrier Modulator for Bidirectional Noninverting Buck– Boost Converter

61. Analytical Method for Pattern Generation in Five-Level Cascaded HBridge Inverter Using Selective Harmonic Elimination

62. Automatic Mode-Shifting Control Strategy with Input Voltage Feed- Forward for Full-Bridge Boost DC-DC Converter Suitable for Wide Input Voltage Range

63. Average Power Balancing Control of a STATCOM based on the Cascaded H-Bridge PWM Converter with Star Configuration

64. Back-Propagation Control Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement Using DSTATCOM

65. Boost-Derived Hybrid Converter With Simultaneous DC and AC Outputs Buffer

66. Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Series Connection of Novel HBridge Basic Units

67. Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power Applications DC Microgrid for Wind and Solar Power Integration

68. Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power Applications

69. Characterizing the Dynamics of the Peak-Current-Mode-Controlled Buck- Power-Stage Converter in Photovoltaic Applications

70. Combined Bidirectional Buck–Boost DC–DC Chopper-Mode Inverters With High-Frequency Link

71. Comparison of the Modular Multilevel DC Converter and the Dual-Active Bridge Converter for Power Conversion in HVDC and MVDC Grids

72. Control of Reduced-Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer With a Battery Energy Storage System

73. Control Scheme for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System

74. DC Micro grid for Wind and Solar Power Integration

75. DC/DC Buck Power Converter as a Smooth Starter for a DC Motor based on a Hierarchical Control

76. Design and Control of a Bidirectional Resonant DC–DC Converter for Automotive Engine/Battery Hybrid Power Generators

77. Design and Implementation of an 11-Level Inverter With FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy Systems

78. Design of a High Voltage Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Driving Capacitive Incremental Actuators Usable in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

79. Design of Class E Resonant Rectifiers and Diode Evaluation for VHF Power Conversion

80. Design of Single-Switch Inverters for Variable Resistance / Load Modulation Operation

81. Development and Implementation of a Simplified Self-Tuned Neuro– Fuzzy-Based IM Drive

82. Digital DCM Detection and Mixed Conduction Mode Control for Boost PFC Converters

83. Direct Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Distorted Grid Voltage

84. Dynamic Characterization of Power Electronic Interfaces

85. Efficiency Optimization by Considering the High Voltage Flyback Transformer Parasitics using an Automatic Winding Layout Technique

86. Electromagnetic-Thermal Design Optimization of the Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator

87. Elimination of Coupling Transformer Core Saturation in Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based T-STATCOM Systems

88. Enhanced Bipolar Stacked Switched Capacitor Energy Buffers

89. Enhancing the Ride-Through Capability of DC-Link Voltage in NPC Multilevel Unified Power-Flow Controllers

90. Equivalence of Virtual Synchronous Machines and Frequency-Droops for Converter-Based MicroGrids

91. Excitation Synchronous Wind Power Generators With Maximum Power Tracking Scheme

92. Experimental Indicators of Current Unbalance in Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems

93. Five-Level Diode-Clamped Inverter With Three-Level Boost Converter

94. Flicker Mitigation by Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines With DFIG

95. Four-Way Microstrip-Based Power Combining for Microwave Outphasing Power Amplifiers

96. Hierarchical Control of Parallel AC-DC Converter Interfaces for Hybrid Micro grids

97. High Efficiency Resonant dc/dc Converter Utilizing a Resistance Compression Network

98. High-Frequency Operation of a DC/AC/DC System for HVDC Applications

99. High-Performance Fault Diagnosis in PWM Voltage-Source Inverters for Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drives

100. High-Voltage Gain Boost Converter Based on Three-State Commutation Cell for Battery Charging Using PV Panels in a Single Conversion Stage

101. Hybrid Dual Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter With Reduced Circulating Current, Output Filter, and Conduction Loss of Rectifier Stage for RF Power Generator Application

102. Hybrid Multilevel Converter with Cascaded H- bridge Cells for HVDC Applications

103. Impact of Midpoint STATCOM on Generator Loss of Excitation Protection

104. Implementation of a High-Efficiency, High-Lifetime, and Low-Cost Converter for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

105. Implementation of Adaptive Filter in Distribution Static Compensator

106. Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable Power Generation Systems

107. Improved Angular Displacement Estimation Based on Hall-Effect Sensors for Driving a Brushless Permanent-Magnet Motor

108. Improving Power Quality in Cascade Multilevel Converters Based on Single-Phase Nonregenerative Power Cells

109. Integrated Inverter/Converter Circuit and Control Technique of Motor Drives With Dual-Mode Control for EV/HEV Applications

110. Isolated Switch-Mode Current Regulator With Integrated Two Boost LED Drivers

111. Lossless Multi-Way Power Combining and Outphasing for High- Frequency Resonant Inverters

112. Management of Battery-Super capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage and Synchronous Condenser for Isolated Operation of PMSG Based Variable- Speed Wind Turbine Generating Systems

113. Medium-Voltage 12-Pulse Converter: Output Voltage Harmonic Compensation Using a Series APF

114. Minimum Time Control for Multiphase Buck Converter: Analysis and Application

115. Modeling and Design of Islanding Detection Using Phase-Locked Loops in Three-Phase Grid-Interface Power Converters

116. Modulation, Control and Capacitor Voltage Balancing of Alternate Arm Modular Multilevel Converter With DC Fault Blocking Capability

117. Multi-Objective Planning for Reactive Power Compensation of Radial Distribution Networks

118. Multivariable Control of Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck Converters

119. Neural Network Based Conductance Estimation Control Algorithm for Shunt Compensation

120. New Extendable Single-Stage Multi-input DC–DC/AC Boost Converter

121. New Modulation Strategy to Balance the Neutral-Point Voltage for Three-Level Neutral-Clamped Inverter Systems

122. New Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number of Power Electronic Components

123. Novel Topologies for Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Cascade Switched- Diode Multilevel Converter With Minimum Number of Power Electronic Components

124. Operation Modes Analysis and Limitation for Diode-Assisted Buck–Boost Voltage Source Inverter With Small Voltage Vector

125. Optimal Sizing of UPQC Considering VA Loading and Maximum Utilization of Power-Electronic Converters

126. Oscillator-Based Inverter Control for Islanded Three-Phase Microgrids

127. Power Control and Management in a Hybrid AC/DC Micro grid

128. Power Conversion Architecture for Grid Interface at High Switching Frequency

129. Robust Time-Delay Control for the DC–DC Boost Converter

130. Sensor less Control of BLDC Motor Drive for an Automotive Fuel Pump Using a Hysteresis Comparator

131. SHE-PWM Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Adjustable DC Voltage Levels Control for STATCOM Applications

132. Single-Source, Single-Destination Charge Migration in Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems

133. Solar PV and Battery Storage Integration using a New Configuration of a Three-Level NPC Inverter With Advanced Control Strategy

134. Space Vector Pulse width Amplitude Modulation for a Buck–Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter

135. Study of Fault Current Characteristics of the DFIG Considering Dynamic Response of the RSC

136. Survey on Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Power Electronic Converters

137. Symmetric and Asymmetric Design and Implementation of New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology

138. The Alternate Arm Converter: A New Hybrid Multilevel Converter With DC-Fault Blocking Capability

139. The Transformerless Single-Phase Universal Active Power Filter for Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation

140. Topology and Modulation for a New Multilevel Diode-Clamped Matrix Converter

141. Transmission Line Resistance Compression Networks for Microwave Rectifiers

142. Transmission-Line-Based Multi-Way Lossless Power Combining and Outphasing System

143. Two-Stage Power Conversion Architecture Suitable for Wide Range Input Voltage

144. Universal Digital Controller for Boost CCM Power Factor Correction Stages Based on Current Rebuilding Concept

145. Use of Synchronous Modulation to Recover Energy Gained From Matching Long Cable in Inverter-Fed Motor Drives

146. Variable Frequency Multiplier Technique for High Efficiency Conversion Over a Wide Operating Range

147. Voltage Support Control Strategies for Static Synchronous Compensators Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags

148. Wireless Power Transmission: R&D Activities Within Europe

149. With Unified Power Quality Conditioner Allocation Using Particle Swarm Optimization

150. Wound Rotor Machine Fed by a Single-Phase Grid and Controlled by an Isolated Inverter



1. A Bidirectional Modular Multilevel DC–DC Converter of Triangular Structure

2. A Hybrid Filter for the Suppression of Common-Mode Voltage and Differential-Mode Harmonics in Three-Phase Inverters With CPPM

3. A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects

4. A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter

5. A New Isolated Multilevel Inverter Based on Cascaded Three-Phase Converter Blocks

6. A New Reactive Current Reference Algorithm for the STATCOM System Based on Cascaded Multilevel Inverters

7. A Novel and Simple Single-Phase Modulator for the Nested Neutral-Point Clamped (NNPC) Converter

8. A Quad Two-Level Inverter Configuration for Four-Pole Induction-Motor Drive with Single DC Link

9. A Robust DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy to Enhance the Performance of Shunt Active Power Filters Without Harmonic Detection Schemes

10. A Series-LC-Filtered Active Damper with Grid Disturbance Rejection for AC Power- Electronics-Based Power Systems

11. A Single-Phase Active Device for Power Quality Improvement of Electrified Transportation

12. A Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on a New Basic Unit With Reduced Number of Power Switches

13. A Wireless Charging System Applying Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control to Maximize Efficiency and Extractable Power

14. About Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion for Single- and Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters

15. An Electrolytic-Capacitor-Free Single-Phase High-Power Fuel Cell Converter With Direct Double-Frequency Ripple Current Control

16. An Improved Control System for Modular Multilevel Converters with New Modulation Strategy and Voltage Balancing Control

17. An Improved iUPQC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage Regulation as a STATCOM

18. An Observer-Based Optimal Voltage Control Scheme for Three-Phase UPS Systems

19. Analysis and Comparison of Peak-to-Peak Current Ripple in Two-Level and Multilevel PWM Inverters

20. Analysis and Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-Connected and Islanding Microgrids

21. Analysis and Operation of Modular Multilevel Converters With Phase-Shifted Carrier PWM

22. Analysis of the Phase-Shifted Carrier Modulation for Modular Multilevel Converters

23. Application of PI and Super Twisting Drivers to Voltage Regulation of Wind farm via StatCom

24. Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter for Higher Output Voltage Levels

25. Cascaded Control System of the Modular Multilevel Converter for Feeding Variable-Speed Drives

26. Circuit Topologies, Modeling, Control Schemes, and Applications of Modular Multilevel Converters

27. Comparative Analysis of Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter

28. Comparison of Detailed Modeling Techniques for MMC Employed on VSC-HVDC Schemes

29. Control of Parallel-Connected Modular Multilevel Converters

30. Control Strategy for Improved Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed Drives With Modular Multilevel Converter

31. DC/DC Buck Power Converter as a Smooth Starter for a DC Motor Based on a Hierarchical Control

32. Decoupling of Fluctuating Power in Single-Phase Systems Through a Symmetrical Half-Bridge Circuit

33. Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM

34. Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems With Integrated Active Filter Capabilities

35. Elimination of DC-Link Current Ripple for Modular Multilevel Converters With Capacitor Voltage- Balancing Pulse-Shifted Carrier PWM

36. Enhanced Phase-Shifted PWM Carrier Disposition for Interleaved Voltage-Source Inverters

37. Five-Level Inverter Using POD PWM Technique

38. Five-Level Multiple-Pole PWM AC–AC Converters With Reduced Components Count

39. Frequency-Adaptive Fractional-Order Repetitive Control of Shunt Active Power Filters

40. Functional Modeling of Symmetrical Multipulse Autotransformer Rectifier Units for Aerospace Applications

41. Grid Voltage Synchronization for Distributed Generation Systems Under Grid Fault Conditions

42. Hybrid Active Filter With Variable Conductance for Harmonic Resonance Suppression in Industrial Power Systems

43. Hybrid Multilevel H-Bridge Converter Based STATCOM

44. Implementation of Hybrid Filter for 12-Pulse Thyristor Rectifier Supplying High-Current Variable-Voltage DC Load

45. Indirect Matrix Converter-Based Topology and Modulation Schemes for Enhancing Input Reactive Power Capability

46. Induction Motor Control With a Small DC-Link Capacitor Inverter Fed by Three-Phase Diode Front-end Rectifiers

47. Intelligent Islanding and Seamless Reconnection Technique for Microgrid With UPQC

48. Isolated DC/DC Structure Based on Modular Multilevel Converter

49. Low-Volume PFC Rectifier Based on Nonsymmetric Multilevel Boost Converter

50. Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converters With Phase-Shift Control Scheme for High-Voltage DC-Based Systems

51. Nested Multilevel Topologies

52. New Three-Phase Symmetrical Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter

53. Optimal Control of Shunt Active Power Filter to Meet IEEE Std. 519 Current Harmonic Constraints Under Nonideal Supply Condition

54. Optimum design of low-voltage distributed photovoltaic systems oriented to enhanced fault ride through capability

55. Performance of Three Phase II-level Inverter with reduced number of switches using different PWM Techniques

56. Power Controllability of a Three-Phase Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source

57. Predictive Optimal Switching Sequence Direct Power Control for Grid Connected Power Converters

58. Predictive Torque Control Scheme for Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives With DC-Link Voltages Offset Suppression

59. Primary Frequency Control Contribution From Smart Loads Using Reactive Compensation

60. Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three-level boost neutral point clamped inverter

61. PV-Active Power Filter Combination Supplies Power to Nonlinear Load and Compensates Utility Current

62. Reduction of Power Electronic Elements in Multilevel Converters Using a New Cascade Structure

63. Seventeen-Level Inverter Formed by Cascading Flying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-Bridges

64. Single-Carrier Phase-Disposition PWM Implementation for Multilevel Flying Capacitor Converters

65. The Modular Multilevel Converter for High Step-Up Ratio DC–DC Conversion

66. Three-Phase Multilevel PFC Rectifier Based on Multistate Switching Cells

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